Gluten Free Creme Egg Brownie Cupcakes



Hi, it’s Jo Falkinder from An Easy Gluten Free Life here and this week I have been experimenting (again!). It’s entirely possible that my house has contained more Crème Eggs than the Easter Bunny’s basket. My freezer has been full to the brim of frosting, cupboards full of chocolate and the kitchen worktops have been covered in various bits of all three... this can only mean one thing – IT’S EASTER!


A few weeks ago my sister (who is a professional cake maker) handed me her recipe to put whole crème eggs inside a cupcake…yes you did read that right…a WHOLE CRÈME EGG inside a rich chocolate cupcake.  When you have picked your jaw back up off the floor- I will tell you the surprisingly easy trick to doing this. A trick so blindingly simple – I wondered how I’d not worked it out the year before when she sold out of these most amazing cupcakes in just two hours at her local market. You only go and freeze the blinkin’ crème egg don’t you! So simple, but so A-MA-ZING!


Frozen Crème Eggs at the ready – I embarked on my go-to chocolate sponge recipe, set up my cupcake cases/pan and unwrapped the eggs. That was Round 1 – which I think was the round where all the orange bits from the eggs escaped out of a never-before-seen air pocket at the top of the cupcake. Or was Round 1 the time that all the crème eggs sank to the bottom and burned???  Could it have been the time I cut the cupcake too early and all the sugary syrup from the egg escaped down my kitchen cupboard?  Who knows – all I know is that I learned a very important lesson this week – these cupcakes are genuinely simple, but they need a dense mixture and LOTS of patience.


Not known for my patience, I found these cupcakes very frustrating indeed, but finally on Round 28 (only joking, I think it was Round 4) –I nailed them and successfully created a cupcake so indulgent it could probably out-do Booja Booja’s tasting sessions. To save you the effort of trying to get setting crème egg syrup off your kitchen cupboard…I have written some tips ;)




  • As there is no gluten to hold the egg up, use a dense mixture like the one below to stop the egg sinking. This also means you get crème egg brownie cupcakes, win win.

  • Don’t take the eggs out of the freezer until they are ready to be put into the cupcake.

  • Make sure the sides around the egg are tightly packed with cake batter and cover the egg completely – then fill the cupcake case with another tablespoon of mixture.

  • Give the cupcakes a good hour to cool down before you cut them (see kitchen cupboard incident above).

  • Enjoy!






Makes 9 large muffins


For the Sponge


* 175g Stork margerine

* 135g Asda Free From gluten free self-raising flour

* 100g light brown soft sugar

* 75g white sugar

* 1 tsp baking powder (I use Waitrose, use 0.75 tsp for other brands)

* 3 medium eggs

* 60g cocoa powder

* 3 tbsp milk


For the Frosting


*450g icing sugar, sifted

* 200g Stork margarine

* ¼  tsp Sunflair Egg Yellow food colouring

* 1 tsp vanilla extract

* a few teaspoons of milk

*50g dark chocolate




* Cream together the margarine and sugars in a bowl

* Add the eggs and beat well, making sure you get plenty of air into the mixture.

* When the mixture starts to look like this -gradually add the flour, cocoa and baking powder


* Mix in the milk until the mixture is sloppy and comes easily off the spoon

* Spread evenly into 9 muffin cases and bake on 180C or gas mark 3, for 15 -20 minutes

* Use a cake tester to ensure that the sides of the cupcakes are well baked, but the centre remains gooey


For the Frosting


* Cube the margarine and add to sifted icing sugar

* Cream together fully, until the mixture has no lumps

* Add the vanilla extract and mix well

* Split into two bowls and add orange food colouring until the frosting looks a little paler than the inside of a crème egg. If the food colouring has made the orange frosting looser than the plain frosting, add milk to the plain frosting one teaspoon at a time – until both are the same consistency.

* Refrigerate for 1 hour


To Decorate


* Fit the piping bag with a 1cm open star nozzle and lay it on it’s side

* Using a palette knife - fill half of the bag with the plain frosting and then add in the orange frosting

* Pipe a traditional swirl and leave to rest for 1 hour

* Melt 50g dark chocolate in the microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring frequently

* Fill a piping bag with the melted chocolate and drizzle over the cupcakes

* Leave to set in the fridge for 10 minutes





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