Gluten Free Red Velvet Rose Cupcakes



Hi there, it's Jo from An Easy Gluten Free Life here with my second Valentine's post of the week (you lucky devils!). In case you missed it - I had a go at some Gluten and Dairy free Salted Caramel Chocolate cupcakes earlier this week and you can find the recipe here


After baking and icing about 15 of these Red Velvet Cupcakes - I realised that I only really needed thre for the photo ... so let's just say even the Deliveroo man has had some haha! Feedback from everyone (literally everyone) has been very good indeed so I feel it's safe to share the (scaled down) recipe with you lovely lot!


I know that the piping on these looks hard and impossible to do unless you are a professional baker... but trust me, my blog ain't called An Easy Gluten Free Life for nothin' - I promise you that piping roses is SO easy! All you really need is a 1cm open star nozzle and a relaxed frosting, then its a case of making one swirl in the middle, and piping your way outwards. *I used this really easy tutorial on Youtube to learn how to pipe ombre roses, but you can just as easily use one colour frosting


To make the cream cheese frosting pipe-able, you need to add some shortening which is traditionally lard but Trex vegetable shortening or cold coconut oil works best here. Make sure you cut the Trex up into small pieces so that it blends into the frosting easily. If you are using coconut oil, flatten it slightly with the back of a cold spoon to break it up without melting it. 


Gluten Free Red Velvet Rose Cupcakes



Makes 10 large muffins


For the cakes

* 300g caster sugar

* 250g butter

* 3 eggs

* 1.5 tbsp cocoa

* 210 g Asda Free From plain flour

* 75ml buttermilk

* 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

* 1.5 tsp red or white wine vinegar

* 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

* 3-4 tsp of PME Natural Red food colouring


For the Frosting

* 680g icing sugar

* 113g Stork spread

* 76g of Trex or 76g coconut oil

* 1 tsp extra of coconut oil

* 225g full fat cream cheese




For the Cake

* Cream together the sugar and butter, adding the eggs and beating in one by one

* Whisk the eggs into the mixture to get plenty of air in it, until the mixture looks like so

* Add the flour and buttermilk alternately

* Fold in the cocoa, vanilla and red food colouring, ensuring the colour is even throughout the batter

* Add the Bicarbonate of Soda to the Vinegar, allowing all of it to mix and become foamy

* Stir gently into the cake batter, being careful not to over mix

* Bake in a preheated oven at 150C/Gas Mark 3 for 20 minutes, until a skewer comes out clean


For the Frosting

* Cream together the butter, Trex/coconut oil and the cream cheese until there are no lumps

* Gradually add in the icing sugar until frosting becomes thick and stands in peaks

 * Add in 2 teaspoons of food colouring and fold this in well, being careful not to overwork the frosting at this point. Keep adding colouring 1/2 teaspoon at a time until you reach the desired colour. If frosting has relaxed, add icing sugar 50g at a time until it is thick enough. 

* Refrigerate for 20-30 mins, allowing to warm for 2 minutes at room temperature before piping* Please see above for piping tutorial


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