Unicorn Poop Chocolates - Gluten Free -

Hi, it's Jo from An Easy Gluten Free Life here and last night, my favourite Unicorn Oolie stopped by for a visit. Although it was great to see her, I'm afraid she left behind something not so pleasant...or so I thought! 


Make your little (or big one's) day with a bag of Bubblegum flavoured, brightly coloured, rainbow inspired Unicorn Poop! Simple and lots of fun to make, these taste like everything you ever wanted as a child in one bite. 


You will need a bottle of fun flavouring and either food grade acetate or a wire cooling rack to make this Unicorn Poop. I used Bubblegum flavouring from Foodie Flavours, but you could just as easily use Strawberry, Candy Floss, Raspberry or anything that takes your fancy! Just this one time, I would avoid natural colourings as they can affect the taste of the chocolate coating. If you are struggling to find suitable decorations, have a look at my guide to Gluten Free Sprinkles and Decorations https://www.glutenfreelivingmadeeasy.co.uk/single-post/2017/11/12/Gluten-Free-Sprinkles-and-Cake-Decorations





Makes 12

Will keep for 4 weeks when stored in an airtight container/sealed bag in the fridge


* 150g Gluten free Madeira cake or homemade plain sponge

* 100g ready made vanilla frosting

* 200g white chocolate

* 4 drops Bubblegum flavouring (I used Foodie Flavours)

* Gluten Free Decoration (I used Simply Topps)

* Sky blue food dye

* Red food dye



* Add approx 4 drops of flavouring into the frosting until it tastes strongly of bubblegum

* Split the cake into two bowls and rub into a fine crumb

* Split the frosting into two parts and add to each bowl of cake

* Mix the cakes and frosting together well

* Add a few drops of red food colouring into one bowl of mixture until it is bright pink

* Add a few drops of blue food colouring into the remaining bowl of cake until it is bright blue

* Take a small amount of mixture from each bowl and roll together to create a truffle

* Place each truffle 2cm apart on acetate or a wire cooling rack


* Put 100g of white chocolate in one bowl then 100g of chocolate in a separate bowl

* Heat each bowl of chocolate for 30 seconds at a time in a microwave, until most of the pieces are    melted

* Stir the remaining pieces so that they melt in

* Add a few drops of red colouring to one bowl of chocolate until it is light pink

* Add a few drops of blue colouring into the remaining chocolate until it is bright blue

* Pour 1 teaspoon of bright blue chocolate over each truffle, then roll it gently to reveal a bare base

* Pour another teaspoon of chocolate over the base until the truffle is completely sealed/encased in chocolate

* Allow to set for 15 minutes, until sticky to touch

* Pour the light pink chocolate into a piping bag and snip off the end

* Drizzle the pink colouring over the truffles

* Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes until very sticky

* Sprinkle on decoration



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