A Guide to Gluten Free Sprinkles and Cake Decorations

Hi, it's Jo from An Easy Gluten Free Life here and I'm feeling a bit exhausted! After almost three hours of searching... I HAVE FOUND GLUTEN FREE SPRINKLES AND NON-PAREILS from The Cake Decorating Co! I can't tell you how happy this makes me (I know, I know). Unfortunately I haven't seen the brand in store before, but they have a fantastic online store and ebay store. The ebay store is much more informative in terms of ingredients so if you have an account I would recommend going through there.


If you are reading this, chances are you have been 'glutened' or 'nearly glutened' by those innocent looking sprinkles and decorations in the past... To be fair, companies seem to have realised and have largely started substituting wheat starch for corn and potato starch or rice flour. However, sprinkles, jimmies, non-pareils and pearls are still inconsistent (or virtually non-existent). So, I have compiled a nice guide to basic cake making decorations, companies that make them and which ones are gluten free. If you have used one of the products below to create a decorative dream - please hit me up with your photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - I would love to see what you have created! 


The Usual Suspects


As I have touched upon, most decorations are risk free now, but some simple/basic products are still using wheat starch. Some pearls/dragees are fine but it really depends on brand, size and colour. I would ALWAYS recommend double checking any decoration but these are the most likely to contain wheat starch:







Non Pareils (little balls)









Sugar Strands / Vermicelli / Jimmies / Sprinkles 







Pearls/ Dragees






Safe, Safe, Safe


There are some common decorative products that don't need gluten to work - always double check, but generally these products are safe regardless of brand/colour/size:







Lustre Dust/ Glitter Dust and Lustre Spray












Glitter / Glitter Flakes









Coloured sugar / Sugar Crystals





Products by Company


Some companies have large selections of gluten free decorations but please double check the product that you want before buying as ingredients are liable to change. Marks and Spencers regular sprinkles are gluten free and some of Sainsburys decorations are too. Here is a list of companies that offer gluten free options and which ones are:



* Christmas Tripod

* Circular confetti

* Stars, Hearts and flower shaped confetti

* Limited confectionery


* Most dyes

* Wafer decorations

* Chocolate

* Sugar pipings/ decorations


* Non- pareils

* Sprinkles/ Vermicelli/ Jimmies

* Some pearls/ dragees

* Shaped Confetti






* Sugar pipings/ decorations

* Sugar dots / picks

* Shaped sprinkles - hearts, stars etc not vermicelli/non pareils

* Sugar paste

* Modelling paste

* Squires Kitchen Cake Lace mix







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