Easy and Cheap Superfood Meal Plan with Recipes

Hi, it's Jo from An Easy Gluten Free Life here and I have been struck by the lurgy this week. So I decided to try and kick it in the bottom - hard, by cramming as many superfoods as I could into my weeks meal plan. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we are led to believe that to be a superfood, something has to come from a far flung island where it is hand picked by parrots using only one leg. And yes, minus the parrot part, this is true for some of mine and many peoples favourite superfoods, but did you know that you probably have about 10 superfoods in your fridge and fruit bowl right now?! I didn't realise for a long time just how much goodness there is simply lying around, so here is a weekly meal plan that actually uses them. I'm a massive fan of leftovers, so I've created five big recipes that will keep everyone happy, even on day two :)


Superfood Italian Bake (vegetarian, gluten free)

 One portion of this bake provides a whopping 75% of your recommended Daily Dose of Vitamin C. It's also full of iron, vitamin B6 for energy and Selenium to help get rid of toxins. It takes minimal effort and can  be left alone for an hour in the oven - a perfect combination if you have literally crawled out of bed only to feed yourself/family. https://www.glutenfreelivingmadeeasy.com/single-post/2017/10/27/Superfood-Italian-Bake-Gluten-Free-Vegetarian


Vegan Autumn Tart (vegan, gluten free)

This tart is absolutely packed full of vitamins and minerals! It's got Vitamin C, B6, Vitamin A, folic acid, calcium and iron. It's also packed full of natural anti-oxidants and anti-fungals. It also happens to be extremely delicious. https://www.glutenfreelivingmadeeasy.com/single-post/2017/10/27/Autumn-Vegan-Tart--gluten-free


Cold Busting Curry (gluten free)

I must admit, I had been making this curry for years before I realised just how healthy it is. One portion gives you 25% of your RDA of Vitamin C, 25% of your RDA of Potassium and, unbelievably - a massive 63% of your RDA of Vitamin B6 which is essential for creating energy. It's also packed full of natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory spices so this really is a curry that is good for you! I am quite a lot of a whimp when it comes to spices, so feel free to amp up the amounts if you like it hot, just remember to stick to the ratios. https://www.glutenfreelivingmadeeasy.com/single-post/2017/10/26/Cold-Busting-Curry---gluten-free


Lentil, Roasted Red Pepper and Paprika Soup (gluten free, vegan)

Can you believe that you get 50% of your RDA of Vitamin C and twice your daily dose of Vitamin A in just one portion of this soup? It's also packed with anti-oxidants, iron and protein. Not only will lentils help keep your heart healthy, but they will stabilise your blood sugar which is so important when you are poorly. No-one likes an ill AND hangry person...no, seriously, when any of your bodies vitals drop it makes your immune system work twice as hard so it's good to keep as many things ticking over as you can. Who would have though the old adage "Feed a Cold" was actually right? https://www.glutenfreelivingmadeeasy.com/single-post/2017/10/27/Lentil-Red-Pepper-and-Paprika-Soup-gluten-free-vegan


Superfood Satay Stir Fry Gluten and Dairy free

 Delicious and satisfying, this stir fry is as tasty as it is healthy. One portion of the Pak Choi provides you with 40% of your Vitamin A and 25% of your Vitamin C. Then there's the rest of the veg which is full of more Vitamin C, iron and antioxidants. I would recommend using a whole foods peanut butter.  https://www.glutenfreelivingmadeeasy.com/single-post/2017/10/27/Superfood-Satay-Stir-Fry-with-ChickenQuorn-Gluten-and-Dairy-free


Shopping List


 For all of the recipes you will need:

* 2 packs of Quorn Chicken Style Pieces (total 600g)

* 1 pack of regular chicken breasts 400g

* 1L unsweetened coconut milk drink

* Tablespoon Organic Coconut Oil

* Balsamic Vinegar

* Jar of Bolgnese Sauce

* Jar of White Lasagne Sauce

* Gluten Free Lasagne sheets

* Rice

* Gluten free bread

* Vegetarian Pesto (green or red)

* 60g sharp cheddar

* 2 tbs vegetarian hard cheese

* Vegan parmesan, I used Violife Prosociano

* Low fat natural yoghurt

* Fresh ginger

* Garlic

* Small bag of Spinach

* 3 bananas

* 10 fresh lychees 

* Punnet of mushrooms

* Mini Sweetcorn

* Pak Choi

* 5 red peppers 

* 2 orange peppers

* 1 small Butternut Squash

* 4 carrots

* 2 medium beetroots (not pickled)

* 3 parsnips

* 2 red onions

* Handful of sultanas


Check your spice racks for these:

* Ras al Hanout Paste or powder

* Garam Masala

* Cumin

* Coriander

* Turmeric

* Smoked or regular Paprika 







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