Easy Gluten Free Chocolate Cherry Truffles



A few months ago I went to a chocolate making class for a friend's birthday and I can honestly say I was expecting it to be a bit serious, a bit complicated and altogether not that enjoyable for an 'experimental' baker like myself. Thankfully Leesa of Deli-Cious Chocolate Nottingham gave us a wonderful morning. It was a very educational but also VERY relaxed 3 hour workshop that was honestly, one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done. After devouring most of her molten chocolate using spare marshmallows and bits of cake - we left with (suprisingly) impressive boxes of chocolate truffles and professional looking chocolate pipings/decorations. And we didn't need to eat for the rest of the day. Surely a win-win. 


I can't believe how easy these chocolate truffles are - although Leesa is a professioanl chocolatier, these are a great example of when simple is sublime. These truffles use four ingredients, yes, FOUR, most of which you can buy from the supermarket or certain local shops, they take minimal time to make and taste absolutely stunning. Extremely versatile, you can use Chocolate or Vanilla Frosting with pretty much any flavouring to create simple, or unique truffles. Why not add food colouring to the vanilla frosting based truffles or popping candy for decoration?


These are so easy to make and decorate, they are a perfect project for new bakers, chocolate addicts or pro-bakers looking for a fun activity. Packaged in cellophane or adorable little chocolate boxes, they also make an amazing gift. They will last for 7 days when kept in the fridge. 


If, like me, you have piping bags full of chocolate frosting in your freezer - it's perfectly fine to use this instead of shop bought. The ratios are a little different - you will need 120g cake to 160g chocolate frosting and one drop of the cherry flavouring.



Easy GF Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Makes 24



*1 sheet food grade acetate

* plastic spoons

* 3 bowls



*  150g Gluten free Madeira cake

*  100g ready made chocolate frosting

*  200g dark chocolate, at least 50% cocoa solids

*  Cherry flavouring (I used Foodie Flavours)

*  Gluten Free Decoration optional



* Break the Madeira cake into a fine crumb

* Add the frosting and using the back of a spoon, mix into a smooth brown paste with no white crumbs showing

* Add one drop of Foodie Flavours Cherry and mix well. You may need more drops of flavouring for other brands

* Roll into 2cm balls and spread out onto the acetate like so

 * Melt the dark chocolate either using steam or in the microwave, ensuring you stir it well so there are no lumps

* Pour 1.5 tsp of chocolate over each truffle and roll gently, ensuring all sides are well coated

* Add decoration when the chocolate becomes sticky

* Leave to dry for 1 hour in a cool space

* Package and refrigerate for up to 1 week unopened  




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