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Gluten free food can be so expensive to buy pre-made, but time consuming to cook from scratch... so where does that leave us? I tend to buy most things pre-made, but bake my own one offs such as naan bread, specialty loaves or cakes. Below are some weekly shop comparisons for staple gluten free foods so you can afford gluten free even if you're on a tight budget. Some products are very cheap for gluten free foods and don't taste any different to leading brands. I'm surprised (and happy) to find that there isn't much difference between Asda, Tesco and Morrisons- really, they are all the cheapest supermarket for gluten free foods. However, Sainsbury's and Waitrose come in almost £5 more expensive and when you factor in their higher prices for most other items, you're potentially looking at a big saving by choosing other stores. 


There's been a massive increase in gluten free options available across supermarkets and the likes of Aldi and Lidl are now offering something of a free from range. Own brand items like raw bars, fresh soups, sauces and sausages are now largely gluten free in most supermarkets and can save you a small fortune when compared to leading brands like Nakd, Heck Farm or Covent Garden Soup Company. Check out my tips and tricks for saving on these fab products at the end of this post :) Happy shopping! Jo x



* Bread - Morrisons Free From Seeded or White bread 

* Cereal - Morrisons Free From Cornflakes 

* Pasta - Morrisons Free From Fusilli 500g 

* Noodles - Amoy Straight to Wok Noodles 300g 

* Flour - Doves Farm Plain and Self-Raising Flours 

* Frozen - Morrisons Free From Pepperoni Pizza, Genius Gluten Free Quiches,  

* Snacks - Nakd bar multipack, Morrisons Free From Triple Chocolate Cookies 


ASDA - Total £16.92 

 * Bread - Asda Free From Brown Bread 

* Cereal - Whole Earth Corn Flakes 

* Pasta - Free From Spaghetti 500g 

* Noodles - Asda Rice Noodles 250g 

* Flour - Asda Free From Plain and Self Raising Flours (much better than Doves!)

* Frozen - Genius Quiches and Asda Free From Pepperoni Pizza 

* Snacks - Nakd bar multipack and Asda Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies 


TESCO £17.72

 * Bread - Tesco Free From Seeded Bread 

* Cereal - Tesco Free From Cornflakes 

* Pasta - Tesco Free From Fusilli 500g

* Noodles - Thai Taste Sen Lek 400g 

* Flour - Doves Farm Plain and self-raising flours 

* Frozen - Tesco Free From Ham Hock and Cheddar bakes, Tesco Free From Pepperoni pizza 

* Snacks - Nakd Bar multipack and Tesco Free From Choc Chip Cookies 





* Bread - Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From Multiseed Bread

* Cereal - Nestle Go Free Corn Flakes 

* Pasta - Sainsbury's Free From Fusilli 500g 

* Noodles - Sainsbury's Rice Noodles 375g 

* Flour - Doves Farm Plain and Self-Raising Flours 

* Frozen - Sainsbury's Free From Pepperoni Pizza, Genius Gluten Free Quiches

* Snacks - Nakd bar multipack, Sainsbury's Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies  




 * Bread- Genius White Loaf 

* Cereal - Nestle Go Free Cornflakes 

* Pasta - Waitrose LoveLife Gluten Free Fusilli 

* Noodles - Thai Taste Noodle Nests 200g 

* Flour - Doves Farm Plain and Self-Raising Flours 

* Frozen - Schar Gluten Free Salame Pizza, Genius Denby Dale Pies 

* Snacks - Nakd bar multipack, Schar Gluten Free Chocolate O's 


Cheaper Alternatives


With the price of Nakd bars and the likes of Heck sausages being sky high - you will be pleased to know that there are much cheaper alternatives available! Cheaper doesn't have to mean lower quality and in fact, I think quite a lot of these alternatives are better than their brand rivals!


*Nakd bars - Aldi run a range of delicious RAW and Hike bars for a fraction of the price

* Low Carb snacks - don't fork out on Quinoa Chips or Proper Corn - try Aldi's Pea or Lentil crisps or supermarket own brand flavoured popcorn

* Covent Garden Soup Company - Aldi and Lidl now do a range of fresh soups which are gluten free and just as good. Some of Lidl's canned soups are also gluten free.

* Cooking Sauces - many supermarket own brand and Aldi sauces are now gluten free

* Sausages - don't waste money on the likes of Heck Farm - Aldi and Morrisons Best sausages are completely gluten free too 




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