Bellini Cupcakes Gluten and Dairy Free



Seriously grown up, seriously indulgent and seriously attractive, these gluten and dairy free Bellini cupcakes are just heaven. Inspired by the Bellini cocktail of Champagne and Peach Juice, these are perfect for a special treat or just to gain some serious respect from non-Coeliacs! Even if you are not dairy free, still make these so because the Pure Sunflower Spread carries the champagne flavouring much better.


Now, a note about the champagne flavouring - listen to Foodie Flavour's advice and use it very sparingly! Most of their flavourings are made from natural extracts and they are so true to the real thing. You need one or two drops for most recipes so they are very cost effective. I've also tried Cherry and my sister only uses this brand for her cake making business. I'm not even sponsored to say all this - I am just so impressed I feel that they deserve the credit. 


My other tip for making these cupcakes is to try and find very ripe peaches, ones that are almost about to go off. The sugar content is much higher in these and they are much juicer - so they produce a sweet, indulgent syrup when boiled down.


Bellini Gluten and Dairy Free Cupcakes


Makes 9 large muffins



* 225g Pure Sunflower Spread

* 225g Asda Self- raising flour

* 225g granulated sugar

* 3 medium eggs

* 1 tsp baking powder (0.75tsp if using Dr.Oetker)


* 200g icing sugar sifted

* 550g Pure Sunflower Spread

* 4 drops Foodie Flavours Champagne flavoruing

* Gold edible glitter


* 3 very ripe peaches

* 60g brown sugar

* 60ml cup cold water

* 1/2 a drop of Foodie Flavours Champagne



For the Cupcakes:


* Combine spread and sugar into a smooth paste

* Mix in eggs until the sugar and eggs are fully combined, like so



 * Gently fold in the flour and add baking powder

* Cook on 150C or gas mark 3 for 20 minutes



For the Frosting:

* Chop the spread into small chunks

* Sift over icing sugar and combine well until you have a smooth frosting

* Add in 4 drops of Champagne flavouring and mix thoroughly

* Refrigerate for at least 4 hours to let the flavour develop


For the Peach Filling:

* Dice peaches and add to the sugar and water

* Add 1/2 drop of Champagne flavouring (I put one drop on my finger and swipe a piece of peach across it)

* Simmer, stirring frequently until most of the peaches are soft

* Drain away most of the water and mash the peaches until it looks similar to jam


To Decorate:

* Core each cupcake and add one teaspoon of peach mixture until it touches the top of the hole

* Decorate with frosting and gold glitter (note- the glitter WILL try to escape with a vengeance, contain as thoroughly as possible) 













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