Gluten and Dairy Free Cookie Dough Cupcakes






Remember the good old days of Ben and Jerry's and Pizza Huts warm cookie dough...well, they need to be a memory no more! AND you can enjoy these with a cup of tea- surely a win all round.


Rich, deep chocolate sponge is filled with Pulsin Vanilla and Choc Chip bars, then topped with chocolate and vanilla's a cookie, in a cake! 


Enough drooling - let's get down to business



Makes 6 muffin size cupcakes


For the Sponge:

* 175g Stork or Pure Dairy Free Sunflower spread

* 135g Gluten free self-raising flour (I use Asda, check other brands to ensure they are dairy free)

* 100g Demerera sugar

* 75g white sugar

* 1 tsp baking powder (I use Waitrose, use 0.75 tsp for other brands)

* 3 medium eggs

* 40g cocoa powder

* 3 tbsp milk


For the Frosting- dairy free

* 550g sifted icing sugar

* 200g Pure Sunflower spread

* 50g sifted cocoa powder

* Few drops pure Vanilla extract such as Asda Extra Special or Nielsson-Massey


For the Frosting - regular

* 450g icing sugar, sifted

* 200g Stork spread  

* Splash of milk

* 50g sifted cocoa powder

* Few drops pure Vanilla extract such as Asda Extra Special or Nielsson-Massey


For the Core:

* Two Pulsin Vanilla Choc Chip protein snack bars



For the Frosting:

* Split the icing sugar and margarine into two bowls - one should contain 100g margarine, 300g icing sugar 

*The second bowl should contain 100g margarine, 250g icing sugar and 50g cocoa

* Combine the ingredients in each bowl to create one chocolate and one plain frosting

* Add the vanilla extract to the plain frosting so it tastes definitely of vanilla without being too overpowering

* Refrigerate for 1 hour


For the sponge:

* Mix margarine and sugars in a bowl, then beat in the eggs until fully combined

* Gradually add the flour, cocoa and baking powder

* Mix in the milk until the mixture is sloppy and comes easily off the spoon but is not runny

* Spread evenly into 6 muffin cases and bake on 150C or gas mark 3, for 20 minutes

* The mixture is quite gooey after 20 mins, if you like you can cover the cakes in tinfoil and bake for a further 10 minutes to get a firmer texture


For the Cookie Dough Core:

* Slice the Pulsin bars widthways into 4 even pieces

* Wrap each piece in cling film and roll between your hands or knead them slightly to warm them up



* Using a cupcake corer - remove the inside of each cupcake and then fill the empty corer with the cookie dough

* Push the dough into the gap in the cupcakes

* Use either a dual or standard piping bag and a wide open star nozzle

* If using a standard piping bag - lay flat on your worktop and fill half with one frosting - bottom to top, then fill with the remaining frosting 

 * Pipe using your chosen method, being careful to fully cover the top of the cookie dough core to prevent drying out

* Sprinkle with edible gold glitter and enjoy!







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