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August 21, 2017

Hi, it's Jo from An Easy Gluten Free Life here and when I first had to stop eating gluten - I spent hours walking around the supermarket completely confused by labeling. I had so many questions - if something says may contain - does that mean its likely to or not likely to contain gluten? can I really believe something that says it's gluten free? how gluten free is a 'gluten free' product?

If you are read...

August 15, 2017

Are you newly diagnosed as Coeliac or trialing a gluten-free diet? Perhaps you have just chosen to live gluten free because of the health benefits. Whatever has brought you to my blog, I'm pretty sure you are feeling VERY overwhelmed right now! Starting out on a gluten free journey is stressful, but I hope that I can help make it easier by offering tips and tricks, information and advice...a Gluten Free...

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